ROS:: rudra_deck

mdkir rudra_wscd rudra_wsmkdir srccatkin buildcd srccatkin_create_pkg rudra_deck roscpp std_msgs geometry_msgs message_generation message_runtimecd ..catkin build
cd rudra_deckmkdir msgcd msggedit joy_msg.msg
cd ~/rudra_wscatkin build
cd <sketchbook>/libraries
rm -rf ros_lib
rosrun rosserial_arduino .
  • base_link to laser
  • base_link to imu_link
cd ~/rudra_ws/srccatkin_create_pkg rudra_description joint_state_publisher robot_state_publisher urdfcd rudra_descriptionmkdir urdfcd urdfgedit rudra.urdf
sudo apt install cmake pkg-configmkdir -p ~/lidar_ws/srccd ~/lidar_ws/srcgit clone YDLidar-SDK/cmakecmake ..makesudo make install
cd ~/rudra_ws/srcgit clone ..catkin buildecho "source ~/rudra_ws/devel/setup.bash" >> ~/.bashrcsource ~/.bashrc
cd ~/rudra_ws/src/ydlidar_ros_driver/startup
sudo chmod +x
sudo sh
cd ~/rudra_ws/src/ydlidar_ros_driver/launch
cp G2.launch G2_rudra.launch
cd ~/rudra_ws/srccd rudra_deckmkdir launchgedit rudra_bringup_noLIDAR.launch
cd ~/rudra_ws/srccd rudra_deckmkdir launchgedit rudra_bringup_LIDAR.launch




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